Nov 18, 2016

How Enriching A Simple Supermarket Visit Can Be For A Toddler

A simple supermarket visit is also so enriching for a toddler! Provided we do not make him sit inside the trolley & just watch what we are doing. In fact toddlers are so mobile that they will not even sit in the trolley for more than few minutes. They need to explore every thing around them!

I am sharing here an account of our super market visit & how my 21 months old had a blast!

You can see how a child can learn so much while you shop! And guess what, no stress at all. The child will absolutely enjoy. The only thing you need here is your patience & time. Let your toddler explore the entire supermarket while may be your partner do the actual shopping separately ;)

Some Practical Life skills being learnt at the supermarket. That trolley is for him exclusively. He picked up lot of stuff in his trolley while we were shopping. We revised vegetable & fruit names & other grocery items, a great language building exercise. It was a sensorial experience too, to touch & feel them. For example, pineapple, he knew it's a pineapple but when I gave it in his hands, he realized it hurts! He opened the fridge & checked out cold items, chanting cold cold himself. He saw this weighing balance & termed it a swing. He took a cucumber to the balance & started giving that cucumber a swing ride. I told him it is a balance & showed him how the needle moves when you keep something in the tray. A quick cause & effect lesson & a pre math lesson. It was a great gross motor activity too, he roamed around with quite a heavy trolley towards the end all over the place.

And did you notice that whole bunch of brinjals in his trolley? Looks like he wanted to have a brinjal party back home ;)

So the next time you visit a supermarket, let your little helper explore the area freely :)

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