Sep 29, 2016

Chocolate Log Rolls - Quick Indulgence Recipe

It's been more than a week, me & my toddler have been under the weather, and I'm sick of this feeling now! I had planned so much to do in the last few days but Murphy has marked his presence, bring it on :)

My brain & energy are incapable of creating videos or writing articles or designing a course or shooting a music video, that I was supposed to do last week. This cold & cough sucks out the energy out of you. And with a sick toddler alongside, I have slept just one night in the last 7 days. Every night, either my son is uncomfortable whole night or me. Days are zombie like ;)

Finally today I thought of indulging in a sweet dish to uplift my mood. I remembered this quick recipe that a mommy friend of mine (Sonali) had told me. I quickly gathered the ingredients & here is my version of CHOCOLATE LOG ROLLS ready to be savoured!!!

- Crush 2 packets of parleG biscuits. Mix fresh cream, powdered sugar, coffee powder, coco powder as per taste & make a dough
- Mix coconut powder, powdered sugar & fresh cream & make a dough
- Put a butter paper or polythene on a plate
- Spread the brown dough evenly & then on top of it, spread the white dough
- Set in freezer for an hour
- Roll it carefully, discard the butter paper & set in the fridge
- Cut slices when you want to serve. Serve cold.

Cooking is therapeutic for me, though this cannot be termed as cooking per say, but still I'm feeling much better now after making & eating this!

Do try this out, it was a simple but yummy recipe! I would love to hear how you & your family liked it :)

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Sep 23, 2016

Adlabs Imagica – A Review Through The Learning Lens!

Adlabs Imagica – badi interesting jagah hai!Their advertisement has always made me giggle with those two birds & two human beings having a serious talk of their lives! Being a hard core fan of adventure & thriller rides, I always wanted to try those inviting roller coaster rides. But having an eighteen months old super energetic toddler with me does not give me the luxury to experience rides like Dare 2 Drop, Deep Space or Nitro! But one fine Thursday night, we decided to visit Imagica on Saturday with our son. I was not sure how much he will be able to enjoy but nevertheless, we headed to our destination. After spending an entire day there with a toddler, I must say, as their website says, “Built For Kids”, it is indeed very true! My husband, son & myself, we had a gala time there. There are enough accounts & reviews of Imagica from an adult’s perspective. This review is focussed on how a child can enjoy & learn at Imagica.
Read my review HERE for more, specially from a parent's point of view. It has been featured on Indian Moms Connect
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Peg Board - Toy Recommendation & Review For Kids (VLOG)

I am often asked to recommend toys for toddlers in my family & friend circle, toys that are educational yet entertaining & engaging. So I thought to have a series of videos of toy recommendation & review for toddlers.
Here is the first in this series.
PEG BOARD - I got this from a facebook group called KidsSTOP 
I buy quite some stuff from mompreneurs (through facebook page/groups), so I will also cover reviews of their products that I have used. This is my small token of appreciation for the awesome work they are doing. Many of their products are either highly priced in the market or not available. This will also create awareness about their online shops.

Do not forget to follow "The K Junction" on Facebook page & closed Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram for day to day updates that might not always find a place on this blog. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to know more about our early learning journey, DIY & Montessori & Waldorf inspired activities for kids, kids books & toys reviews and much more!

Hope to see you around. Happy Parenting!

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Sep 19, 2016

The Ostrich Who Came For Tea - Pretend Play

The other day, I posted on my facebook page about how & why I love figurines & miniatures. And how open ended they are for a child to enjoy & play with.

Today, my 19 months old was enjoying in the swing leisurely when he suddenly wanted to get down. I helped him get down & he ran to another room & grabbed the ostrich from the animal figurines basket. He kept on playing with the ostrich for some time & then grabbed his tea set. Little did I know he had actually invited the ostrich for tea & snacks!

As you can see in the pic, from left to right, top to bottom, he first laid out the saucers, put cups over them, prepared tea & mixed sugar with the spoon, tasted the tea himself, invited the ostrich for tea, offered him tea & snacks by spoon himself, and then drank his tea himself!

I love how free play/pretend play brings forth the creativity in a child. All these were his own ideas :) Oh yes, he offered me some tea as well at the end!

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Sep 15, 2016

The Energy Is Always There - Ganesha Says

As I saw the Ganesh visarjan proceedings with my toddler from the gallery, an old memory flashed blazingly through my eyes. People were so happy there. But suddenly I saw my eyes going moist, my throat getting dry and my heart going deep into the ocean of memories, touching my twin girls & coming back to me to be with my toddler.

Those people dancing there in front of Ganesha, they had waited for Ganesha for one whole year. I had waited for my twin girls for fourteen odd months, that included torturous fertility treatments too.

They were so happy to bring Him home. I was so happy to see my girls in reality when they came out of my womb.

They had never held Him in their hands, except for one or two people who made Ganesha seated on his designated place. I never got to hold my girls in my arms. They were directly shifted from the operation theatre to NICU.

They had decorated Ganesha with flowers, garlands & graffiti. My girls were decorated with tons of wires & equipments in the NICU.

They visited & offered Ganesha food/prasad everyday. I offered them pumped breast milk everyday.

After 10 days, they had accepted that it's time for Ganesha to take his leave. They were happy to say bye bye. Till 11th day, both my girls were gone one after the other! I could not accept it. I was devastated.

Ganesha's energy is always there with us, it is just that the physical form of Ganesha comes in our homes for ten days.

Energies of my girls will always be there with me & my family. They just appeared in physical form for a couple of days.

This spiritual understanding came to me after a few months of this episode. I am grateful to the universe that it eventually came to me. It helped me regain my sanity & I'm so much more well equipped emotionally & mentally now. It had to come this hard way, and it did.

The world is energy. Physicality is just one aspect of it.

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Sep 9, 2016

Play Is The Work Of Child - Montessori - Free Play Moments - 18 Months (VLOG)

Maria Montessori said - "Play is The Work Of The Child". Free play is very important for a child. It yields a lot, more than what meets our eye.

Here are some moments of free play of my 18 months old son. Joyful & eureka moments that I could film!

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5 Scary Realities Every SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Should Know

[Guest Post at +Indian Moms Connect ]
I used to be a working woman till a few years back, pretty ambitious & a workaholic. I was used to hefty paychecks, regular outings, movies every weekend, a great social circle, shopping sprees and what not!
Then things changed when I was trying to conceive. It was a much longer than a normal process for us to finally cherish the arrival of our baby. A couple of years! I had to quit my job in this process. And that was when I went through a lot, read, learnt, internalized & changed a lot, a metamorphosis happened.
Now I’m a SAHM to my 18 months old son. It was a conscious decision to be there for my son & not go out for a day long job. The reality of a SAHM did not take long to hit me. There are many moms out there who echo these feelings. Needless to say, after these harsh realities, at the end of the day, the satisfaction of nurturing our tiny soul(s) is immense.
Hop on HERE to +Indian Moms Connect, who picked up my article to feature on their popular website!

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Sep 1, 2016

Old Saree - New Look

This is a very old lahariya saree, my mother in law gifted it to me years back. I wore it a lot with a plain maroon blouse & got really bored with it. I was on the verge of destashing it when I witnessed the mix n match blouse craze. And here it is, paired with a tie & die chinese collar blouse. Im loving how this blouse gave a totally different look to this saree :)

How have you revamped your wardrobe recently? Give me some tips folks :)

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