Oct 5, 2017

CForCat Kids Educational Products - Flash Cards, Organic Crayons, Good Habit Busy Book - Review & Discount Code (VLOG)

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I love exploring kids products that are fun, engaging & facilitate learning seamlessly. Recently I came across this brand CForCat and I happened to browse their products. In this post I am reviewing three products by this brand - Flash Cards, Organic Crayons & Busy Book. You can watch the unboxing & product closely in the videos too. These products can be used for babies, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergartners. The brand boasts of organic, eco-friendly & educational toys for developmental milestones. Find an attractive discount offer on all CForCat products at the end of each review.

About The Brand - CForCat 

Ensuring an exhaustive approach to the early childhood development stage, CforCat works to familiarize parents with the developmental process of young children and its distinctions of developmental milestones and delays. They exist to provide a helping hand to parents who wish for active involvement in their child’s growth. Their dynamic facilities include activities in all nine core skill fields: social-emotional intelligence, linguistic ability, pre-mathematical ability, science, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive ability, dexterity, and creativity. Though developmental milestones and delays are a common concern, CforCat stresses the notion that each child is unique and advances at their own pace and in their own time.They seek to conceive a world of play and learning for children where they are positively engaged off-screen. CforCat also strives to leave a minimal carbon footprint while standing for sustainability in all its ventures.

Product Review - Flash Cards (Alphabets & Farm Animals)

To watch the unboxing, product details & how to use these flash cards in various different ways, check out this video below. Do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel so that you do not miss any future videos!

How To Use Flash Cards - Covered exhaustively in the video above.

What I Liked
  • Perfect size for the small hands to hold & explore
  • Sturdy material
  • Little glossy to touch which makes it easy to flash through quickly
  • Alphabet cards have both uppercase & lowercase variants

  • Farm animals cards have shadow on the back & that makes it more engaging & versatile

  • Good for practicing starting & ending sounds & spellings later on

  • Good to use as storytelling prompts
  • Pretty much versatile & can be used in many different ways as the child goes through his learning journey from a baby to a kindergartner

  • Nicely packaged
What Could Be Improved
  • I would have preferred having pictures of real animals in the farm animals cards rather than the cartoonish versions that it currently has
  • For alphabet cards, I would have preferred the words corresponding to the letters according to phonics rules. For example, there is icecream on the I letter card & it is phonetically incorrect. Something like an igloo would have been better on the I letter card. Having said that, I would like to mention that most of the cards does have words that adhere to phonics rules
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Buy Links

Official website of CForCat - Use this discount code "Kjunc" to avail 10% discount on all cforcat products when you buy from their website directly - www.cforcat.com.


Product Review - Organic Crayons

To watch the unboxing, product details & look & feel of the crayons, check out this video below. Do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel so that you do not miss any future videos!

What I Liked
  • The fact that they are organic. There are so many brands of crayons in the market these days but when we give our little child that piece of crayon, we often are concerned if he puts them into his mouth. These are 100% organic & non-toxic

  • They are made of wax from soya & palm oil & food grade colors are mixed

  • Nice texture while coloring. They of course do not feel the same way as normal crayons when used but I really liked this different experience

  • Super cute cloth bag in which they are packaged
What Could Be Improved
  • More range of colors. The current pack of organic crayons contains five of them
  • I would prefer all the primary colors to be present in the pack 
  • Thicker crayons would be better for toddlers & preschoolers as their grip is still not fully developed 

  • Perhaps it is a good idea to have two variants of these crayons - a pack of 6 & a pack of 12, just like any other brand in the market
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Buy Links

Official website of CForCat - Use this discount code "Kjunc" to avail 10% discount on all cforcat products when you buy from their website directly - www.cforcat.com


Product Review - Good Habits Busy Book

To watch the unboxing & product details of this busy book, check out this video below. Do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel so that you do not miss any future videos!

What I Liked

  • It has a theme that a child can relate to & hence it engages the child a lot
  • Children can be taught this healthy routine of bedtime using this busy book. My son repeatedly played with the teddy and put him to sleep following this routine. So he is now more willing to follow the bedtime routine for himself
  • The pages include various activities to develop fine motor skills 

  • The material is all cloth so pretty much safe & sustainable
  • It has a wonderful look & feel to it
What Could Be Improved
  • Few pages have no activities as such to build a skill but it does have the thematic relevance to it. For example, pages of reading a story and saying a prayer. I would have loved if these pages also had some activities for fine motor skills

Buy Links

Official website of CForCat - Use this discount code "Kjunc" to avail 10% discount on all cforcat products when you buy from their website directly - www.cforcat.com



Use this discount code "Kjunc" to avail 10% discount on all CForCat products when you buy from their official website directly - www.cforcat.com.

You should also check out the blog by cforcat, it has some wonderful articles about early learning & parenting. 

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