Oct 7, 2017

Book Review & Giveaway - iDiwali - Interactive Diwali Story & Activity Book For Kids From Your Learning Capsules (VLOG)

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iDiwali is an interactive Diwali story and activity book for toddlers & kindergarteners with crafts, coloring, greeting cards, lanterns and sensational Diwali stickers. Watch the inside pages & review in the video below. Do not forget to avail the limited time discount of 10%.

About The Book
The Ramayana story summarized in 10 chapters, with hands on activity in each chapter. Additional Diwali experience activities - Rangoli, fireworks, sweets and more!!! 18 activities packed in one engaging book.

Publisher - Your Learning Capsules 
Age Group - 2.5 Years +
Price - Rs. 299 (FREE shipping anywhere in India)
Get 10% off till 19 Oct 2017. Use the discount code "kjunc10"

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The Author Talks
"Love interactive apps, but not the media time"
As a mother I am always trying to balance between the interactive and engaging experience of the digital world and just simple story telling, I present this experiment of mine to you - an interactive hands-on book!

Watch the inside pages of the book & my opinions here in this video

What I Loved About The Book
  • Absolutely engaging
  • Designing is really nice
  • Entire story of Diwali is covered in the form of activities
  • Whole range of activities for different age group kids - coloring, tracing, stickers, numbers, writing, sequencing, storytelling etc

  • Extra stickers so that if few are lost by kids, the activity can still be completed

  • Good quality thick pages & stickers are easy to peel off & use without getting frustrated
  • Even after all the activities have been done by the kids, this book can still be used next year as a simple storybook, so this book is going to serve you for the next couple of years surely & you can combine it with other storytelling setups with blocks or figurines etc

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What Could Be Improved
  • I would have loved if the pages were of laminated quality so that the stickers could be reused couple of times & the book could be reused next year too. But with this competitive pricing, I would not mind the existing type.
All in all, a must have for little kids this Diwali season!

Buy Links

BUY NOW so that the book reaches you well before Diwali this year! This will certainly give your kids an enriching experience!

You might want to check out YourLearningCapsules.com for more such awesome stuff for your kids and some free printables of activities! 

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