Jul 3, 2017

Montessori Inspired Practical Life Activity & Importance For Toddlers - Cutting (VLOG)

montessori practical life toddler cutting importance benefits preschooler

What is Practical Life & Practical Life Activities In A Montessori Environment For Toddlers?

Practical : means basic, useful, purposeful
Life : means the way of living

Practical life exercises are exercises for the child to learn how to do daily routine chores & activities in a purposeful way. 

Children, specially toddlers & kindergartners are naturally interested in daily chores. Hence, Dr. Montessori began to use practical life exercises to allow the child to do activities of daily life & therefore adjust himself in his culture & society. 

All the materials & supplies of practical life activities should be real, familiar to the child, breakable (if applicable) & functional.

Cutting is a great practical life activity!

Are you trying to find a way to peacefully cook and also engage your toddler constructively without iPads, TV and screens?
Involve your toddler in the kitchen! It's a great fine motor skill and teaches them life skills. This indirectly also helps in preparing those little fingers for writing, a great pre-writing activity.
We are a great fan of practical life activities and my son loves them.
Watch my 28 month old son cutting real potatoes and making imaginary French fries in his toy kitchen set, while I made real French fries for him!

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Benefits & Importance Of Practical Life Activities In Montessori

The practical life exercises are a beginning point in the Montessori environment. They help the child in his whole development - physical, mental and moral.
  • To develop the child's concentration
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills
  • To help children towards independence
  • To establish order
  • To develop a good self-esteem
  • To appreciate and understand the limits of his environment
  • To develop a sense of responsibility
  • To aid the child in his construction
  • To appreciate culture
Read more about practical life activities in Montessori HERE.

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